Friday, March 18, 2011

The Table Is Interactive!

The last couple of months I've been sort of vocally wishing that someone would step up and provide us with a JavaScript Periodic Table that's a bit more interactive than the static picture I was using. Caleb Hines has done exactly that, and he did a great job! THANKS, Caleb!

Look to the right and you'll see an icon for The Periodic Table. Click through and you should see the table. Mousing over a box displays more info, and clicking on it takes you straight to the proper blog entry. It's pretty much exactly what I was looking for, so it's now our official site map.

It's usual for such things to display some quirkiness with different browsers. We've tested it with Firefox and Chrome, and it's working as designed. If there are problems with your browser, leave a comment and we'll see about debugging it.

The next entry on the Table is going to be a bit delayed, as I'll be out of town and otherwise engaged this weekend, but I think you'll really enjoy hearing from the band we've got scheduled next!

Again, thanks Caleb, and folks, don't let the fact that a band has scrolled off the list dissuade you from getting their merchandise! Use the new table to recall Edric Haleen, Inverse T. Clown, Mike Lombardo, Boffo Yux Dudes, Dr. Lindyke or Godz Poodlz and snag some really great merchandise! Want a Mike Lombardo Trio cap? A Bomb Squad Girl clock? Everything's made to order, so everything's still available! And as always, the proceeds go to help preschool kids with language disorders find their voices. Thanks for your support!

UPDATE: It was looking a bit funny in Microsoft Internet Explorer, though every other browser displayed it properly (is anyone surprised at that?). I believe I have that fixed now, so it should look the same in all browsers. If something looks wrong to you, leave a comment.

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