Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Jason Morris: #39

Jason Morris is the consumate musician. He's a composer, drummer, singer, guitarist, and does everything incredibly well. The very fact that he participated in The Masters of Song Fu #2 gives him indisputable street cred among musicians and geeks alike. The fact that he lost to the Rifftones in the final round with a respectable vote tally means he has chops. Great, big, powerful Chuck Norris chops.

Jason also competed in Masters of Song Fu #5. Now, he hasn't posted most of these songs elsewhere so you'll have to follow the link to the competition to get them. They're worth tracking down. Jason had to step down in the third round, thus never answered the challenge, "write a winter holiday song that is not about the holidays". Who cares? He made up for it by totally running away with the Holiday Special challenge, "Create a brand new character for this holiday season, and write a holiday song for him/her/it."  The result of that challenge was Twangles, the Christmas Squid:
Original art by Kimberly Johnson for The Periodic Table of Geek Musicians
copyright 2011

While the other competitors were (almost) uniform in offering scandalous or cynical ditties, Jason alone threw his heart and talent into the competition and came up with the first truly original, family-friendly character I know of since Frosty and Rudolph. This is just a really great song. Have a listen and see if you don't agree.

A squid who brings toys to the children of Atlantis, where Santa can't go. Folks, it doesn't get more creative than that! And now you know why I've been saving Jason Morris for December's spot on the Periodic Table!

While many geek musicians play with tongue in cheek, or in a niche, Jason just comes right out and plays good old-fashioned ROCK AND ROLL. He gives his clever lyrics on odd topics a mainstream delivery that sometimes has you wondering "what did he just say?" especially in "adult" numbers such as "American Doll" or "Burning for You".

One of the best parts of doing these reviews is that I get to go back and listen to all the music to refresh my memory. In going through the old Song Fu entries, it strikes me how few of them (and by that I mean none of them) sound as though they were written for a competition. No matter how weird the challenge, Jason rises to it as though it was his idea from the start. And when the topic calls for it he's ready to set aside the hard Rock and change genres, as he does in "The Ballad of Rufus Amos Adams" and "The O'Sullivan Stomp".

This is stuff you'd be happy to pay real money for, and Jason gives it away for free!

I'm glad that Jason's got his Bandcamp page up now, and I'd like to encourage him to gather these harder-to-find items up there so people can get full enjoyment out of them.

And now... STUFF!

Jason very kindly allowed me free reign on placing product, and this being December, we're going with the Twangles theme. So there's a LOT of stuff here to choose from. I think you'll find something you like.

NOT ONLY THAT, Jason has marked Twangles on his Bandcamp page as a "name your own price" download, with the proceeds going to RiteCare! So say you don't want to shell out 30 bucks for swag, but you still want to help RiteCare. Just go Bandcamp and download Twangles, and pay what you want. It could be zero, or any amount greater. Any amount is appreciated.

I'm not going to link everything here, but click on the link and visit the shop. We've got mugs, steins, bibs, clothing... even Christmas stockings and ornaments. Order now for prompt delivery!

   Jason's Bandcamp Pages      

(I do want to take a second to recognize Kim Johnson for the original Twangles artwork that she provided to me on very short notice! I've been short on time, and she really came through. Now if I can only get her to take paid commissions from the public she'd be wealthier and the world would be more beautiful.)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Joe 'Covenant' Lamb: #55

Joe 'Covenant' Lamb has already been featured here on the Periodic Table of Geek Musicians as part of the group, Duality237... so what's up with the separate entry? Well, to put it bluntly, Joe's that cool. Joe's so cool that Snoopy has to pay him royalties every time he puts on a pair of sunglasses. But beyond that, Joe also releases music on his own, with a very distinctively different style than that of Duality237, and it was as a solo act that Joe won the 5th Masters of Song Fu title.

Part of what makes Joe incredibly cool is that he is one of the most selfless musicians it's ever been my honor to know. He will work with practically anyone, in whatever capacity he can, adding vocals, guitar, or his distinctive bodhran to other artists' work; and he isn't shy about calling on someone else to collaborate with, either.

The bodhran (pronounced "bow-rahn") is a Celtic drum, and never having heard one you might be inclined to think that such a thing gets old very quickly, but you'd be wrong... it never gets old. Here is Joe's album, Shadowland, which is available for purchase on his Bandcamp page.

While you're there, make sure you check out his other albums!

Joe is the the Assistant General Manager and Assistant Programming Manager of online radio station, as well as hosting 4 hours of pop, indie, and eclectic music each Saturday evening.

The Swag!

For Joe's contribution, I wanted to try something cool and distinctive, so I picked out one of my very favorite Joe Covenant songs to illustrate. "Tom Furby" was Joe's answer to one of the gnarliest Song Fu challenges ever, which was to write a song about one of the 700 "mole men" that are listed in John Hodgman's book, "More Information Than You Require". This was no easy thing, and I think everyone who's heard the song is in agreement that Joe hit the ball completely out of the park. Here is my rendering of Tom Furby setting a trap so he can torture, kill and maim some of the annoying fuzzballs (which is, let's face it, what we all have wanted to do since they first hit the store shelves).

And remember please, that all proceeds go toward the Rite Care Centers for Childhood Language Disorders.

Here's the song!

The Book!

 I would be remiss if I didn't point out that Joseph Lamb is now also a published author. His first novel, Sister of the Wolf, is available at booksellers online, including Barnes and Noble and Hey, I bought it; you can too! Congratulations, Joe!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: #2

If you're a musician, prepare to be intimidated. If you're a listener, prepare to be AMAZED. This week's installment of the Periodic Table features none other than Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the premier Geek Musician of all time, and the inaugural member of the "Noble Geek" group.

I know, I know... you're thinking "Huh? Some stuffy classical composer?" Not on your LIFE, people! This man's work literally defines Classical music. He is also quite possibly the biggest selling composer of all time... any time, any era, anywhere. Let's back that up with some facts...

In his 35-year lifetime, Mozart composed over SIX HUNDRED pieces of music of various genres and styles, from concerts to bawdy rounds. If you put all of his work together (and it has been done!), you wind up with ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY full-length CDs. Let that number sink in. Now consider that since 2005 this boxed set sold over 100,000 copies in France alone. That's more than 18 million CDs sold in one country, recently. Now consider that his music has been selling steadily internationally in the form of digital downloads, CD's, vinyl, sheet music and concert performances for well over two hundred years. Forget The Beatles, forget Elvis, forget Michael Jackson. Mozart is da MAN.

Mozart's geek credentials are unmatched. He was a prodigy, having begun playing the clavier at four years of age. Among his earliest compositions was what we know as "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star", composed when he was just six years old. Oh, yeah, you've sung Mozart... and liked it. As Tom Lehrer famously observed, "It is sobering to consider that when Mozart was my age he had already been dead for a year." It is indeed people like that who make you realize how little you've accomplished.

Mozart's music has a quality that is nearly unmatched... you've heard the phrase "Mozart makes babies smarter," popularized in the movie The Incredibles. That's not just a joke. It's called "the Mozart Effect", and is the subject of serious scientific study. A 1993 study indicated that listening to Mozart's music could result in temporary enhancement of spatial-temporal reasoning. This is beyond geek... it's mad-scientist insanely geek.

Here's a little night music, performed in France and uploaded to YouTube by Fasculin:

Even in his day, the multi-lingual Mozart was an international phenomenon, Now you might think that, having been deceased for 220 years, Mozart wouldn't have much of an Internet presence. You'd be -- to pardon the expression -- dead wrong. Proto-geek Mozart is represented everywhere:

Is this music still relevant? Well, consider that it's still performed, remixed, and re-interpreted to this day, and if you put a beat behind it (as many have done), it genuinely rocks. Here's YouTuber "Pianowork" giving his interpretation of Rondo alla Turca:

Would Mozart have supported RiteCare? Without a doubt! Brother Wolfgang was a member of the Viennese lodge called "Zur Wohltätigkeit" and composed a fair number of pieces of Masonic music. He would certainly have embraced the charity wholeheartedly. So to celebrate Mozart, proto-geek and uber-geek without peer, the first of our Noble Geeks, we offer the following:

Other people get mugs. Mozart gets a stein.

Because he's MOZART, that's why.

There's also this cool 'Amadeus!' T-shirt!

Mozart was multilingual, and adapted his name to several languages. Mozart's middle name was variously expressed as 'Amadeus', 'Theophilus', and 'Gottlieb', all of which mean, "Lover of God".

This shirt gives you an opportunity to honor a geek, make a statement, and support a charity, all at the same time!

If you're rockin' with Mozart, you're probably totin' some sheet music.  That's why we're also offering this stylish 'Amadeus!' messenger bag!

Finally, Mozart makes babies smarter. We all know that. So why not let the world know as well?  Our exclusive toddler T-shirts and infant bodysuits proudly proclaim, "Mozart Made Me Smarter!"(TM)

Oh, all right... let's not leave off Mom and Dad...

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Craig Bevan: #13

I have a confession to make. Normally, I try to post these folks in roughly the order in which they've signed up (and there's a link up above if you'd like to show up on the Table); but Craig Bevan, element #13, wasn't next on the list. Here's the true story of how Craig came to be on PeriodicGeek this week... my wife lobbied for it. By "lobbied" for it I mean that she determined to make my life a living hell if Craig weren't next up on the blog.

I relate this story not to cast a shadow on my wife, but to illustrate the kind of appeal that Craig Bevan has. This is a guy who truly has star power. He has supreme control of both his guitar and his voice. Listen and watch...

See what I mean? Obviously, Craig was a shoo-in for the Table in his own time, but I couldn't help but ask my wife why he should be next. As English has no words for "je ne sais quoi", she just drooled silently at the screen for a while. I, being a loving husband of 16 years, understand this to mean, "his sex appeal has sex appeal and if he were in the room I wouldn't give you conversation." Fair enough, Lisa.

Craig's got quite a YouTube presence, with a number of covers. They're ALL good, people, but please take the time to sift through the videos for his original songs, like the one above... they're awesome. The voice is smooth, the music is smooth, and it's easy listening all the way through. I'm ecstatic that Craig's offered to lend his presence to the Periodic Table, and in so doing support the RiteCare charity!

In terms of merchandise, the most compelling design I can think of is Craig Bevan's own presence. So here's a taste of what we have for you (this image is used on the button):

Click the image to visit Craig Bevan's section of the PeriodicGeek store!

We're pleased to offer Craig Bevan buttons, T-shirts and mugs, so please click through the graphic to the PeriodicGeek store and see what we have to offer. Remember please that all the profits are donated to Rite Care Centers for Childhood Language Disabilities, a superb charity that helps pre-school children live up to their full potential.

While your bank card is out, head over to and check out Craig's new album, I Think We Made It.

You can buy it right there on the website and can download a FREE track, 'Feelings I Find Hard To Show'. Or buy it on iTunes.

In addition you can find out how to follow or friend Craig on Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, and Twitter.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Hiatus is Over!

We're back! And we're busy listening and doing. Busybusybusy. Look for an update soon!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

A New Radio Station

Click on the cloud to learn more and donate!

While we're on sabbatical, I'd like to take this opportunity to promote another project. Jules Sherred of the Geeky Pleasures website has started a project to create a new Internet radio station.  The investment required is modest -- just $3000 -- but she needs some help to get it started.  Now, she could go to the bank, or some venture capitalists, but those kinds of solutions often cause problems of their very own. So she's started a Chip-in project.

If only 300 of the thousands of visitors that Geeky Pleasures gets donate just $10 each, the goal is met. For your $10 you have the satisfaction of having started something grand, and ensure a year's worth of entertainment. Get that? A YEAR'S worth of entertainment for the cost of one used DVD.

Jules' shows feature Geek musicians, many of whom are or will be featured here on the Periodic Table. It's YOUR kind of music, folks. In addition, she interviews the most interesting names in music and entertainment. Joining her in this endeavor is Joe 'Covenant' Lamb, the Yang of Duality237, a band which was featured right here.

Please help make this happen, folks, and continue to support the many independent musicians and artists who work to add a little entertainment to our drab and boring lives.

Friday, April 15, 2011


The Periodic Table is on sabbatical for the month of April so I can concentrate on a couple of time-consuming projects .

That doesn't HAVE to be the case! If you have artistic leanings and would like to try your hand at product design, give me a holler at dr dot lindyke at cratchit dot org.

For those who are in the queue, thanks for your patience while I pay the bills.

In the meantime, take a look at the shop, and at peruse the music of some of our previous entries! Links are on the right!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Jeff MacDougall: #88

I was really jazzed when Jeff MacDougall agreed to appear on the Periodic Table, as Jeff is one of my very favorite musicians anywhere. Jeff, if you don't know, is the challenger that went up against Jonathan Coulton in the very first Masters of Song Fu competition. To my mind, this was a very close competition. JoCo pulled out the win with 'Space Doggity', but Jeff's space ballad, 'High' remains stuck in my head to this day. Here it is, submitted for your approval:

Those of us where are of the community called TMA owe a debt of gratitude to Jeff. With Mike Lombardo, he started an international community of musicians and -- more importantly -- friends. That's not the kind of thing that everybody can say.

If there is a person on this Table with a social conscience, it is Jeff. As you're perusing his bandcamp site, read the text, particularly that of the song 'Thank You', and consider that Rite Care is not the only charity worthy of your support.

Also take a look at Jeff's children's album, Stand Up!. Most albums created specifically for kids are, to put it mildly, lacking. Stand Up! manages to entertain and educate without condescending. I'm an adult, and I like it, particularly the high-energy number, 'Bounce'. If you want to get your kids to burn off some energy before naptime, this is the number to play. It's like an innocent little kiddie rave!

It was 'Bounce' that inspired this first bit of merchandise. We have an entire line of children's clothing with the "BOUNCE!" theme, with logos in blue or pink. There are bibs, infant bodysuits, and of course, T-shirts in various colors:

And of COURSE, if you're going to bounce, you need some company! How about this cuddly plush teddy bear? He's eleven inches tall and sports his very own BOUNCE! t-shirt! (Or her own... I've never been very good at that where bears are concerned.)

We have a few special items for the adults as well... naturally there's a coffee mug, and I'm really happy about this one. Taking the theme from 'High', we've captured Tom's spacewalk in this panoramic view in near-Earth orbit. This is a great gift for any geek... musician or not!

One of Jeff's early Song Fu entries was a spoof of 'WKRP in Cincinnati', entitled 'Jeff MacDougall Dot Com'. This was the inspiration for this radio-themed adult T-shirt. And of course, since we all know that Jeff is old, this radio is decidedly retro:

I know this is a little difficult to see in the graphic, so here's the radio in more detail; it sports a retro-styled chrome logo, and the dial lists the songs listenable on

Finally, we carry that same chrome logo over to a retro-style cap.

I'm sure there's something on this page for everyone, so please show your support for this fine artist, and at the same time help some preschool children get the language therapy they desperately need. You CAN help change a life!

I'll leave you with these important links, and my profound thanks to Jeff MacDougall and all the artists who have chosen to support Rite Care.  Until next time!

       Jeff's YouTube Channel       

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Very Special Thank You to Dantes!

As you may know, is dedicated to raising money to support Rite Care, an exceptional charity that provides language therapy to children who need it at no charge to them. Each of the wonderful musicians who are featured here have lent their names and efforts to this purpose.

But you may not know that in addition to merchandise, there is a PayPal donation button on the right-hand side of this page for direct donations of any amount. That button has gotten its first use, and in a very special way. Bram Tant (aka "Dantes"), a indie musician living in Belgium, and one of the DJs on The Force 925 internet radio station, has donated the proceeds from his very first music sale from his Bandcamp site to Rite Care.

Outstanding, Bram. Thank you.

You can listen to Dantes' shows on Saturdays 6/9 am PT/ET to 10 am/1 pm PT/ET.

Friday, March 18, 2011

The Table Is Interactive!

The last couple of months I've been sort of vocally wishing that someone would step up and provide us with a JavaScript Periodic Table that's a bit more interactive than the static picture I was using. Caleb Hines has done exactly that, and he did a great job! THANKS, Caleb!

Look to the right and you'll see an icon for The Periodic Table. Click through and you should see the table. Mousing over a box displays more info, and clicking on it takes you straight to the proper blog entry. It's pretty much exactly what I was looking for, so it's now our official site map.

It's usual for such things to display some quirkiness with different browsers. We've tested it with Firefox and Chrome, and it's working as designed. If there are problems with your browser, leave a comment and we'll see about debugging it.

The next entry on the Table is going to be a bit delayed, as I'll be out of town and otherwise engaged this weekend, but I think you'll really enjoy hearing from the band we've got scheduled next!

Again, thanks Caleb, and folks, don't let the fact that a band has scrolled off the list dissuade you from getting their merchandise! Use the new table to recall Edric Haleen, Inverse T. Clown, Mike Lombardo, Boffo Yux Dudes, Dr. Lindyke or Godz Poodlz and snag some really great merchandise! Want a Mike Lombardo Trio cap? A Bomb Squad Girl clock? Everything's made to order, so everything's still available! And as always, the proceeds go to help preschool kids with language disorders find their voices. Thanks for your support!

UPDATE: It was looking a bit funny in Microsoft Internet Explorer, though every other browser displayed it properly (is anyone surprised at that?). I believe I have that fixed now, so it should look the same in all browsers. If something looks wrong to you, leave a comment.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


It's another duo this week. Rüss Rögers and Rhöd Dürre (the umlauts are optional, so don't bust a vein trying to find them on the keyboard!). Russ competed in Song Fu 3 as "Rusty's Rocking Jamboree".  Shortly thereafter he paired with Rhod and they burst into Song Fu 4 as Gödz Pöödlz. And what an entrance! In successive rounds they delivered Bad Penny, Gödz Pöödlz on Parade, and the iconic Bomb Squad Girl. In particular, Gödz Pöödlz on Parade estabished a certain... attitude... that defines the Pöödlz.

I first "discovered" Song Fu in the following competition, where the Pöödlz offered up such polished gems as Captain Dane Frostline, 3455316008, and A Gift from Gödz Pöödlz.  I have to admit to some stupidity on my part when it came to 3455316008, their answer to the challenge "Write a song about a number". It wasn't until after the voting that I realized that every word in their apparently numberless "song about a number" was written upside-down on a calculator! In other words, the entire song was a number, the title of which resembles "She Boogies"!

A Gift from Gödz Pöödlz takes the self-promotional attitude of  Gödz Pöödlz on Parade to a new height:

A fine bit of hubris from a band that had at the time a grand total of two competitions and six songs under their belt! But it's all in good fun... these guys are all about pleasing the crowd. That's something they've continued to do through successive competitions, both Song Fu and SpinTunes. They've a loyal (you might say, rabid) fan following with whom they communicate on Twitter and Facebook. 

     GöDZ PööDLZ on the Web:    

   And of course, in various songwriting
competitions, like SpinTunes

At this point I'll mention that they've set a goal to appear on the Doctor Demento show, as well they should. So click through the Facebook link above and find out how you can help make that happen!

I have no segue for this next piece... it's just that my wife wanted to make absolutely certain that you heard it, because she's a Pöödlz fan, too, and this is a really nice piece of music:

When I announced that the purpose of the Periodic Table of Geek Musicians was to benefit  Rite Care Centers for Childhood Language Disorders, the Pöödlz were easily the most enthusiastic volunteers. I soon found out why, but I'll let Rhod Durre tell that story himself:
"When one of my daughters was diagnosed with speech apraxia when she was 3 years old, we exhausted all apparent options without much noticeable improvement.  Despite receiving intensive speech therapy at home and through our health insurance, she was still unintelligible to even immediate family members.  We learned about Rite Care through our school district speech therapy and were placed on the waiting list.  When an opening was finally available, the local Rite Care evaluated and accepted two of our children for therapy twice a week.  The improvement in my daughters' speech was dramatic and was immediately noticeable!  The therapists engaged our children and made speech therapy fun for them in a way no previous teacher had.  Not only did their speech improve immensely, but they really bonded with the therapists and started to actually look forward to speech lessons.  As their therapy progressed, my children gained self-confidence because they were finally able to communicate with others.  Three of my children have now received therapy through Rite Care and their transformation has been incredible!  Especially in the case of the child who was diagnosed with apraxia, I credit Rite Care for helping her to overcome this very serious disorder.  If not for the early intervention she received, I don't know that she would be understandable to this day.  Because of Rite Care, however, she is now doing extremely well both scholastically and socially.  Thank you, Rite Care, for everything you have done for my family!

-Rhod Durre
St. Michael, MN"
Normally at this point you'd get a disclaimer saying that so-and-so's results are atypical. While Rite Care cannot do the impossible, what is certain is that your donations go to pay for the very best, most dedicated therapists possible. The monies we collect here go directly to therapy. They don't even pay for the administrative costs of this web domain or the Cafepress store. Rite Care services are offered without cost to the families, but that doesn't mean they're free. Rite Care receives exactly zero government funding... everything happens as a result of fundraising projects like this one. So please support a great band that supports a great cause and buy some of their merchandise. When it comes to your home and you open the box, know that you're part of something wonderful. If you can't afford the merchandise, no problem... we've got a Paypal donation link for smaller amounts, and if nothing else you can click through a few ads. Every little bit helps!

In keeping with their enthusiasm for the project, and their flair for self-promotion (and keep in mind that they're letting me do this to benefit other people!), Gödz Pöödlz have THIRTEEN products for sale, including some really SPECIAL items! I'm going to list some of them, but give you the link to the PeriodicGeek shop for the whole list. Partly because I knew this was coming, I've partitioned the PeriodicGeek shop by band. It's now a lot easier to find the particular stuff you're looking for.

I'm going to start with the mug, because I like mugs! I like them so much that I'm running out of room in my cabinets. I like them so much I may have to take up drinking coffee! This is a really fun design featuring Len Peralta's "Monster by Mail" image of the Pöödlz, and a reference to a possibly-recognizable jingle.

What's not immediately apparent in these photos is the notice on the cups: "No PööDLZ were harmed in the making of this merchandise." Animal lovers take note.

Next up is something special. In honor of Bomb Squad Girl, we have this unique clock with Bomb Squad Girl herself, as envisioned by Your's Truly. Here she is in fighting trim, armed with a pair of wire cutters to defuse an explosive situation! Meanwhile the seconds tick down from 60 to zero!

This was a really fun thing to design. Click here for a close-up of BSG's face.

We also have THREE apparel designs. The first two are BSG designs. Your Bomb Squad Girl will be fearless, fit, and fabulous in the BSG logo. This is available as a Jr. Ringer Tee (shown. available in pink/salmon, yellow/gold, and mint/avocado) and as a white ladies T-shirt. Round out the look with a BSG military cap in black, olive, or tan. Bomb Squad Girl wears one, and it looks GREAT. Men's and Women's T-shirts are available with the same BSG image that appears on the clock!

And of course we have a shirt featuring the wonderful Len Peralta image in glorious high res!

But that's not all! This image also appears on a toddler size T-shirt; an infant bodysuit; a gym bag; and a kid's hoodie! As the song says, "WE WANT YOU TO BUY GöDZ PööDLZ FOR THE HOLIDAYZ!" But you you don't have to wait for Christmas! We've got holidays year-round, so come one, come all!

While we're on the subject, I'm really loving this last product, too. A Gift From Gödz Pöödlz is an oval porcelain ornament featuring the Pöödlz rocking out. This item can do double-duty as a gift tag... it's a gift on a gift! Now how cool is that?!

Thanks, Russ and Rhod, for allowing me to go crazy, and for supporting Rite Care. And thanks to everybody for your support. While you're in the mood, visit Gödz Pöödlz on Facebook and Bandcamp. At just a buck a song, you really can't go wrong... GodzPoodlz dot Bandcamp dot Com!


Sunday, March 6, 2011


I'm very happy to feature this duo this week. Duality is Joe 'Covenant' Lamb and Denise Hudson, both of whom have competed in Song Fu and SpinTunes in their own right. Somewhere around Song Fu 6 they started collaborating on songs. The band is alternately known as "Duality" and "Duality237" (I think they're of two minds about the subject), so I'm using the names interchangeably here. A little known fact is that Duality237 is an isotope of Duality, which firmly cements their place in the Periodic Table... They are element #93, having an atomic weight of ... you guessed it... 237.

Now, stylistically, it is in fact possible to be farther apart than Joe and Den... but not much. Prior to Duality, Joe was known for his highly rhythmic and regimented Gaelic folk ballads accompanied by his ever-present bodhran, and Den was known for... well, honestly, for some weird stuff such as "Anna's Gerbil and the Singularity", which I can never, ever hope to explain. Joe completely eschews music theory; Den majored in music. Joe is from Scotland; Den is from the planet Xondor. Basically, Den is peanut butter and Joe is chocolate. And we all know what happens when you put those two flavors together.

That's right, something wonderful.

"Bluebeard's Lament", Denise's entry into Song Fu 6 round 2, seriously impressed the audience. It seriously impressed Joe as well. He imprisoned Denise in his lair on Skullcrusher Mountain, instructing his cadre of trained furbies to feed her nothing but tacos and aphid nectar. He then spent the next several weeks imprinting both of their minds with traces of the other while a trio of Scottish witches chanted naughty poems by Robbie Burns. (At least that's how I remember it, and my memory is famously perfect. whatevermonkey.)

What followed were several Great and Glorious collaborations under the appellation of Joe 'n' Den that you will now find on, and the emergence of Duality, complete with name, logo, bandcamp site, what have you, as an entrant in the SpinTunes 2 songwriting contest, of which I was a judge. In the third round, Duality submitted this shadow entry that I regard so highly that I ranked it above the official entries and deconstructed it on my personal blog. There's a video. Watch it:

These days it's fairly easy to find Duality; they're the featured indie band for the month of March on Geeky Pleasures and are regularly heard on The Force 925 internet radio station. In fact, Joe not only has a weekly show, he is the station's assistant programming director and the music director in charge of non-urban genres. Are you feeling like an underachiever yet? And, if you're in the Austin, TX area, you may find Den playing a gig here and there. If you haven't heard her, you're just not going to the right places. How do you find the right places?

       THE RIGHT PLACES:      

Before we move on the the Periodic Table, I'll point you to these two free tracks that demonstrate the wide range that this duo covers:

Duality gave me permission to produce two items for sale. I produced four, and submitted them for approval. Using an ancient Jedi mind trick (I'm quite versatile) I persuaded them to allow all four items to be offered for sale. Really, it seemed like no effort at all.

First are these mugs. I like them both. Buy them both!

We also have two T-shirt designs. The first carries the Duality237 bandcamp banner across the chest, with these lovely photos of Joe 'n' Den at their serious and artsy best:

The next carries a pocket-sized print of the Duality logo.

I don't care who you are, that's a cool logo. Even if you've never heard the band (how can that BE?!?) you want the shirt! Click through the T-shirt and zoom in to see the design in detail.

As always, all proceeds from the sale of this merchandise go to Rite Care Centers for Childhood Language Disorders, an awesome charity that  funds language therapy so that children can grow into their fullest potential regardless of their socioeconomic background. This therapy is provided at no cost to the children, their families, the insurance companies, or the government. In times like this, where government funding is being cut from other programs, it's more important than ever to support organizations like Rite Care so that this important work can be carried on. Many thanks to Denise Hudson and Joe 'Covenant' Lamb of Duality for adding their talents to this effort.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Dr. Lindyke: #23

Dr. Lindyke is the nom de plume of William Hoover and Dave Leigh. They've been writing music much longer and more competently than they've been writing bios about themselves. That is, they've been writing since their high school years in the *ahem* late 1970s, when Dave tripped over one of William's poetry notebooks and fell onto the piano. The result was so melodious that they've been writing music in pretty much the same fashion ever since.

Why "Dr. Lindyke"?  Well, there's a well-known maxim that you should never, never, ever name your band after a song, and of course having never heard of this maxim, that's exactly what they did. This song, in fact.

Their style is mostly piano rock/ballads (with a little guitar thrown in), which is unsurprising, given the influence of groups like Elton John and Supertramp in their formative years. To that they add a healthy bit of experimentation, as with this little bit of oddness called "Harvey Ray", composed almost entirely of Three-Letter Abbreviations, delivered in that odd Shatnerian style of sing-talking that for lack of a better term I'll forevermore label singcantation:

The Doctor also experiments with singcantation in a sort of mad scientist "Peter Cushing" mode. Here's a cover of Inverse T Clown's "Sexy in the Rain" in that style.

You won't find Dr. Lindyke's music for sale... it's free. They're much too sane to harbor delusions of rock stardom. That's not to say they don't have some delusions; they're just of a different variety. They think of themselves as songwriters, not performers, and that their music is best performed by somebody other than themselves. They're quite sure that someday, somewhere, they'll find an immensely talented band of musicians who can't write songs for love or money, and who would rather play this stuff than real music.

You can find demos on various sites in a deliberately unfinished, sometimes quirky style.

Among the songs you'll find on Bandcamp are their songs of Song Fu 6, which they lost with ease to that upstart Mike Lombardo. Included in the mix you'll find the song that explains their placement on the Periodic Table at element #23.

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Dr. Lindyke's most memorable accomplishment may well be their creation of the Periodic Table of Geek Musicians, a site devoted to promoting independent musicians for the purposes of charity. This website.  If you'd like to help Dr. Lindyke in providing the gift of communication to children at no cost whatsoever to the families, their insurance companies, and the government, click on through the merchandise and buy a thing or two. While you're in the shop, look at some of the items for sale by the other selfless geeks on the Table.

A mad-scientist beaver. It doesn't get better than that

The Doctor is IN!

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