Saturday, May 14, 2011

Craig Bevan: #13

I have a confession to make. Normally, I try to post these folks in roughly the order in which they've signed up (and there's a link up above if you'd like to show up on the Table); but Craig Bevan, element #13, wasn't next on the list. Here's the true story of how Craig came to be on PeriodicGeek this week... my wife lobbied for it. By "lobbied" for it I mean that she determined to make my life a living hell if Craig weren't next up on the blog.

I relate this story not to cast a shadow on my wife, but to illustrate the kind of appeal that Craig Bevan has. This is a guy who truly has star power. He has supreme control of both his guitar and his voice. Listen and watch...

See what I mean? Obviously, Craig was a shoo-in for the Table in his own time, but I couldn't help but ask my wife why he should be next. As English has no words for "je ne sais quoi", she just drooled silently at the screen for a while. I, being a loving husband of 16 years, understand this to mean, "his sex appeal has sex appeal and if he were in the room I wouldn't give you conversation." Fair enough, Lisa.

Craig's got quite a YouTube presence, with a number of covers. They're ALL good, people, but please take the time to sift through the videos for his original songs, like the one above... they're awesome. The voice is smooth, the music is smooth, and it's easy listening all the way through. I'm ecstatic that Craig's offered to lend his presence to the Periodic Table, and in so doing support the RiteCare charity!

In terms of merchandise, the most compelling design I can think of is Craig Bevan's own presence. So here's a taste of what we have for you (this image is used on the button):

Click the image to visit Craig Bevan's section of the PeriodicGeek store!

We're pleased to offer Craig Bevan buttons, T-shirts and mugs, so please click through the graphic to the PeriodicGeek store and see what we have to offer. Remember please that all the profits are donated to Rite Care Centers for Childhood Language Disabilities, a superb charity that helps pre-school children live up to their full potential.

While your bank card is out, head over to and check out Craig's new album, I Think We Made It.

You can buy it right there on the website and can download a FREE track, 'Feelings I Find Hard To Show'. Or buy it on iTunes.

In addition you can find out how to follow or friend Craig on Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, and Twitter.



  1. WooHoo! My wife has had a very similar reaction to Craig, so I'm glad I'm not the only virtual cuckold out here. :-) And I love his music, too.

  2. Oh, I wouldn't say "virtual cuckold", Marius. There are advantages to be had when the object of her affections is on the other side of the Atlantic. So buy her some Stuff so she can gaze lovingly at it while she's thanking YOU properly.

  3. Nice work Dave. It's official, you're not a slacker now. :p