Monday, February 28, 2011

Dr. Lindyke: #23

Dr. Lindyke is the nom de plume of William Hoover and Dave Leigh. They've been writing music much longer and more competently than they've been writing bios about themselves. That is, they've been writing since their high school years in the *ahem* late 1970s, when Dave tripped over one of William's poetry notebooks and fell onto the piano. The result was so melodious that they've been writing music in pretty much the same fashion ever since.

Why "Dr. Lindyke"?  Well, there's a well-known maxim that you should never, never, ever name your band after a song, and of course having never heard of this maxim, that's exactly what they did. This song, in fact.

Their style is mostly piano rock/ballads (with a little guitar thrown in), which is unsurprising, given the influence of groups like Elton John and Supertramp in their formative years. To that they add a healthy bit of experimentation, as with this little bit of oddness called "Harvey Ray", composed almost entirely of Three-Letter Abbreviations, delivered in that odd Shatnerian style of sing-talking that for lack of a better term I'll forevermore label singcantation:

The Doctor also experiments with singcantation in a sort of mad scientist "Peter Cushing" mode. Here's a cover of Inverse T Clown's "Sexy in the Rain" in that style.

You won't find Dr. Lindyke's music for sale... it's free. They're much too sane to harbor delusions of rock stardom. That's not to say they don't have some delusions; they're just of a different variety. They think of themselves as songwriters, not performers, and that their music is best performed by somebody other than themselves. They're quite sure that someday, somewhere, they'll find an immensely talented band of musicians who can't write songs for love or money, and who would rather play this stuff than real music.

You can find demos on various sites in a deliberately unfinished, sometimes quirky style.

Among the songs you'll find on Bandcamp are their songs of Song Fu 6, which they lost with ease to that upstart Mike Lombardo. Included in the mix you'll find the song that explains their placement on the Periodic Table at element #23.

Dr. Lindyke's Bandcamp Page

Dr. Lindyke's Blog

       Dr. Lindyke's YouTube Channel       

Dr. Lindyke's most memorable accomplishment may well be their creation of the Periodic Table of Geek Musicians, a site devoted to promoting independent musicians for the purposes of charity. This website.  If you'd like to help Dr. Lindyke in providing the gift of communication to children at no cost whatsoever to the families, their insurance companies, and the government, click on through the merchandise and buy a thing or two. While you're in the shop, look at some of the items for sale by the other selfless geeks on the Table.

A mad-scientist beaver. It doesn't get better than that

The Doctor is IN!

Here's the full design of the mug. Truth in Advertising. Click to embiggen it.

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