Saturday, February 5, 2011

Inverse T Clown: #21

ITC is preparing an album for release. Patience, Grasshopper.
For our second installment, Box #21 goes to Inverse T. Clown... "ITC". A mysterious figure who coaxes magical MIDI from raw silicon. Some say he wears that mask because he's in the witness protection program. Others think he's just shy. Some say he wears it because he's hideously deformed. Whether he's a target, bashful, or just plain ugly, his talent is undeniable.

I know what you're thinking... why isn't he Element #2? Well, let's just say that this is a Periodic Table, and there are certain groupings and properties to be respected. As it so happens, I've reserved the big block in the center -- the one that would contain transition metals in a periodic table of the elements -- for that group of musicians which started out in Song Fu, and which continued through a community called TMA, and finally landed in  Box #21 is the first of this series.

ITC deserves the first spot in this series for good reason. Inverse is a master of under-promotion. As he sits on a reservoir of raw talent that others would die for, he would have you believe that he's not doing anything special. On the contrary, of all the musicians that have competed in the various songwriting competitions I'm familiar with, ITC is the one guy who never touches an instrument, yet cranks out stunningly detailed orchestrations in record time. Every note is entered on a musical score and played by his computer, one track at a time, then traditionally mixed. Are you getting this down, folks? Add in some seriously clever lyrics and you've got a recipe for... well, for this:

ITC is often accused of writing videogame music, with some justification. But it's good videogame music! This stuff hits the perfect geek chord (pardon the pun), and I have found myself covering a good number of his songs, including the ubiquitous Today's the Day, which should be covered by every self-respecting musician!

Enough of this... either you like him by now or you need professional help. How do you properly show support for this musical icon?

Well, we've put ITC's mug on a mug, just for the purpose. And we've chosen just about the most disturbing image we could find of him and amped up the anxiety just a bit, just to drive home the point that ITC ain't no Bozo. That's the face of a clown who's not foolin' around!

And remember please, that all proceeds go toward the Rite Care Centers for Childhood Language Disorders.


  1. Great work on the ITC image. And I love the tag line, "The Clown Prince of Rhyme." I was excited by the web address, Because ITC's music deserves distribution to the masses. Unfortunately, the page is still under construction.

  2. Stay excited, because ITC is going to fill that page with some seriously awesome stuff... and it won't be long.

    (hear that, Inverse?)